There are lots of reasons why your Internet connection may seem slow. Sometimes it's you, sometimes it's us, sometimes it's the other end and sometimes it's just technology limitations.

If you think your connection seems slow, here are some things to check:

  • Are you connecting on WiFi (wireless) or is your device connected to the network with an ethernet cable? For best performance, we recommend being connected with a physical cable. WiFi performance is impacted by many environmental factors including but not limited to distance from the wireless AP (Access Point), other people's wireless networks nearby, large metal objects near the AP or your device, the materials of any walls or floors between your device and the AP. Read more about these factors and ways to mitigate them here.

  • Try a speedtest, we have a guide on how to do this and get the right results. Per the above, you should do the speed test from a device which is wired in to the network in order to get an accurate result of what your service can deliver.

  • Is it specific websites that are slow or everything? If it's specific websites, reach out to their support first for assistance. If that gets you nowhere, or if it's everything that's slow then open a conversation with our support team by clicking the speech bubble on this page or emailing

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