Notice period

Our notice period is 30 days from the date you give us notice in writing (by email). We need it in writing so that we have a record of your request.

How to give notice

Email advising your account name or account number and the service(s) you wish to cancel, and from what date (or ASAP).

What happens once I give notice?

You should receive a "order" confirmation from us for what we in the industry call a relinquishment (RQ). Every action we take in regards to a service requires an "order" even though you're leaving 😭.

Why did I get another invoice after I cancelled?

You'll continue to receive an invoice as usual until all of your services have been cancelled. Most of our recurring services that have a fixed monthly charge, like internet access, are billed in advance, so if cancelled part-way through a month there may be have a credit note raised. Our post billed services that aren't fixed charges, like toll calls, are billed at the end of each month so you may still receive another invoice from us after your line has been cancelled.

Early Termination Costs

If you're cancelling your service(s) while they're still in contract there may be Early Termination Costs (ETC's) to pay. We'll calculate these from the date you give us notice, as they change daily.

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