Customers wishing to interface with Vorco using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) are welcome to do so, with a few prerequisites:

  • Your internet plan needs to support VLANs. Broadly speaking this means being on a Business, Business Premier or Corporate plan. Business Lite and Home plans are not VLAN capable.

  • A satisfactory credit check, or an acceptable credit history with Vorco already.

  • Technical capability either in-house or a competent outsourced resource who can be readily contacted by Vorco in regards to any network abuse or other changes required from time to time. We can fill this role for you on a time & materials basis if you wish.

  • Your own ASN and provider independent (PI) IPv4/IPv6 address space. We can help with acquiring these if you don't already have them, on a time & materials basis.

If you've met these prerequisites or have a plan to do so, start a conversation with us to get the ball rolling.

BGP Communities

We use BGP communities extensively. Customers can choose to receive the following:

  • Full table (default)

  • Default route only

  • Default route only, plus customer and customer learned routes

  • Default route only, plus domestic learned routes

You need to advise us what you'd like to receive from our end during provisioning, otherwise we'll send a full table. You can request this to be changed anytime but it may require an outage whilst reconfiguration takes place.

Informational Communities

Full descriptions of each community are commercially sensitive and are available to customers on request.
We send the following informational communities:

  • 58666:30000 All domestic routes

  • 58666:30001 Domestic transit 1 routes

  • 58666:30002 Auckland Peering Exchange routes

  • 58666:30003 AKL-IX routes

  • 58666:30004 Megaport IX Auckland routes

  • 58666:30050 Private Network Interconnect (PNI) routes

  • 58666:30200 All international transit routes

  • 58666:30201 Transit 1 routes

  • 58666:30202 Transit 2 routes

  • 58666:39000 Blended transit customers

  • 58666:39010 Domestic transit customers

  • 58666:39020 International transit customers

  • 58666:39998 Non-transit customers

  • 58666:39999 All customers

Action Communities

By default we export routes to all peers and transits, customers can control restrict export of their routes with:

  • 58666:41009 No export to domestic transit 1

  • 58666:48009 No export to international transit 1

  • 58666:48919 No export to international transit 2

Communities are additive so a combination can be used to achieve different objectives.

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