Vorco provides a stratum 2 NTP server for our customers to use. Customers should use multiple NTP server sources in order to ensure accurate and reliable time keeping. We recommend the excellent ntp.net.nz service for your additional NTP sources.

NTP Server Details

DNS: time.vorco.net
IPv6: 2404:5700:1:1::11

Customers should use the DNS name where possible. This will avoid the need to adjust your settings in the unlikely event we change the IPv4/IPv6 addresses in future for some reason. Our NTP service is only available on Vorco's network, it will not work elsewhere.

As our NTP server is stratum 2 it is "good enough" for most purposes but if you require time that is accurate to within microseconds then you should look for other time sources.

The ntp.net.nz servers operated by InternetNZ are listed below and accurate as at July 2018. Please use the correct addresses for your application and be respectful (don't put p[1-4].ntp.net.nz into your desktop computers).

Infrastructure Clients

Clients such as servers, enterprise routers, business critical devices.

Desktop Clients

Clients such as consumer routers, cameras, mobile phones, desktop/laptop computers, anything non critical.

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