Step 1 - Download/Install the app

IMPORTANT We recommend that you centrally deploy the Windows app using Group Policy Software Installation, or via Intune app installation. The Communicator app does get updated from time to time and deploying updates manually is not ideal beyond a small number of users.

Use one of the download buttons below to obtain the app that suits your operating system.

These downloads are only available within Australia and New Zealand. If you need to download it outside those countries, please get in touch with us. Our contact details can be found here:

Install the app either by running the installer (Windows) or dragging the app to your Applications folder (macOS).

Step 2 - Sign into the app

Open up the Communicator app for the first time.
You may receive some prompts about wanting access to your Outlook. You should choose yes to enable contact integration with Outlook.

A screenshot of the app is shown below. Enter your username & password and then be sure to choose "Remember Password" and "Sign in automatically" before clicking "Sign in".

Special information for users with USB headsets.

Some manufacturers (e.g. Jabra) include a custom integration with the Communicator app. The default USB headset integration can conflict if both integrations are enabled and cause your headset to process pickup/hangup button presses twice (so when you try to answer a call it picks up and hangs up immediately on the caller). 

Switch off the default integration by doing the following:

  • Go to settings (the cog bottom left in the app).

  • From the menu at the top of the screen, go to Extensions.

  • Under "Manage Extensions" make sure you only have Jabra Add-in enabled and the USB Device Add-in disabled.

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