The first time you access the voicemail service a series of recorded prompts will guide you through setting up your voicemail greeting. Instructions for accessing voicemail from each device type are below.

Desktop app users can also set up an email address for their voicemail messages to be delivered to as audio attachments.

For all devices:

You can access voicemail at any time by dialling *62. In order to make it easier to access, there are also shortcut keys on devices as follows.

For desk phone users:

For touch-screen Polycom handsets:

  • Press the voicemail icon in the top left of the home screen

For standard Polycom handsets:

  • Press the voicemail icon to the left of the keypad

For all handsets:

  • If your handset does not have a voicemail access button or icon, you can dial *62 from your phone to access the voicemail setup.

For mobile app users:

  • Select the 'Call' tab from the bottom of the screen. 

  • Tap and hold down the '1' button (with the voicemail icon beneath) for two seconds. The number that appears in the dialing field on your device may be different from the images below.

  • If prompted to select a dialing service, select 'Voice call'

For desktop app users:

  • Select the 'Dialpad' tab from the side of the screen.

  • Click and hold the '1' button (with the voicemail icon beneath) for two seconds.

To configure voicemail delivery to email (Desktop app only):

If you configure voicemail to be delivered by email, voicemails will not be kept in the app so will only be accessible from the emails you are sent. 

  • Click the settings button in the lower left.

  • Click the dropdown at the top of the screen that says "General".

  • Select "Voicemail".

  • Under "When a message arrives:" select the "Forward it to this e-mail address" option.

  • Enter your email address.

  • Press [Enter] on your keyboard to save.

To Update Your Voicemail Greeting

You can update your voicemail greeting by accessing your voicemail using the instructions above. Once you're connected to the voicemail service:

  • Press 5 for the greetings menu.

  • Press 1 to record a new message.

  • At the beep, record your new message and press # to finish recording.

  • Press 1 to accept your new recording.

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