A majority of SkyPhone features can be controlled through the customer portal. 

After you log in to the customer portal, click the 'SkyPhone' item in the left hand menu under the site you want to edit.

Available features for user control include:

Service-Wide Settings

Click the Service-Wide Settings link to access:

Directory - Manage the company-wide phone directory.
Blast Groups
- Call multiple phones in your organisation simultaneously.

Per-User Settings

Click a user's number to access:

Details - The names users appear as on the phone buttons and when calling outbound.
Devices - Change the on-screen Busy Lamp Field and Speed Dial buttons on your Polycom phone's main screen and expansion board.
Queues - Call multiple users in your organisation simultaneously.
Auto Attendant - Provide callers with a menu of options to select from.
One Number - Ring multiple numbers when you are receiving a call (e.g. your mobile).
Forwards - Set call forwards in different situations (i.e. Always, Unavailable, Busy, Unreachable).
Caller ID - Change the phone number you appear as when calling outbound.
Blacklist - Block inbound calls from anonymous callers or mobiles.
Voicemail - Change the timeout before diverting to voicemail, and voicemail delivery settings.
Recordings - Enable recordings of every call to be emailed to you.
Schedules - Time of Day schedules allowing features to be activated only during specified times (e.g. during or outside work hours).

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