There are two types of buttons on your phone screen used to quickly dial other people:

Busy Lamp Field - These show you the availability of users within your organisation (e.g. if their phone is online, if they are on a call) as well as acting as a speed dial.

Speed Dial - These will call or transfer to the specified phone number. These can be for any phone number including users in your organisation, external users, mobile numbers, and feature codes for special call control.

To control the device settings, follow the instructions in the SkyPhone - Self Service Options article to reach the appropriate screen.

In the Devices tab, click the 'Buttons' or 'Speed Dials' button for the option you want to update.


The Buttons section controls the Busy Lamp Field selections.
Drag and drop between the 'Available' and 'Assigned' lists, and click 'Save' once your changes have been made.
All changes you make to Busy Lamp Field options will automatically apply overnight. If you want the changes to appear sooner on your phone, you can manually update your phone's configuration.

Speed Dials

The Speed Dials section allows you to control all the speed dial numbers on your phone.

Make sure to click 'Save' when you're done or your changes won't be applied.

Due to the way the Polycom phones receive their updates, any phone with speed dial changes made must be restarted in order to receive the changes. These will not come through automatically overnight and performing the manual update instructions linked in the buttons section will not work.

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