Your Polycom phone automatically checks the Vorco servers for any configuration updates every night.

Changes you make in the customer portal to your device buttons or speed dials will need your phone to receive new configuration before these will apply, the changes won't appear immediately on the phones.

Most configuration changes will be automatically received overnight, some changes require your phone to be restarted before they will apply.

Manually updating your configuration

To manually update your phone's configuration, you can either restart your phone or follow these steps:

  • Press the Home button on the right hand side of the phone.

  • Open the Settings menu.

  • Select Basic.

  • Select Update Configuration.

  • Press the Yes soft key to confirm.

Your phone will then go back to the main screen and after a few seconds, the updates should be applied.

Restarting your phone

There are two ways to restart your phone, you will need to select the appropriate one for your environment depending on how your phone receives electricity - either via the network using PoE (Power over Ethernet) or a standalone power pack.

For PoE powered phones

To restart your PoE powered phone, simply unplug the network cable that connects your phone to the wall or network switch, and plug it back in. 

Be careful when plugging the cable back into the phone to ensure the cable is reconnected to the same port as it was removed from; there are two ports it can fit into and only one of them will work for accepting PoE.

For Power Pack powered phones

To restart your power pack powered phone, simply unplug the power pack connector from the back of the phone and reconnect it. The power pack plug connector is a firm round black plastic plug which connects to a standard power point on the wall.

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