You can access your phone's voicemail by dialling *55 from your SkyPhone handset.

Some devices such as Polycom and Gigaset provisioned devices may have shortcut buttons for accessing voicemail. You can consult the user guide for your specific device for more information about the available shortcut buttons.

For information about enabling or disabling Voicemail, updating your Voicemail divert timer, changing the email address voicemails are delivered to, or accessing your voicemails from outside numbers, click here.

To update your voicemail greeting:

  • Dial *55 to access the voicemail service.

  • Enter the PIN if requested. Some SkyPhone users automatically log in to their voicemail service with no PIN required.

  • Press 0 for the Mailbox Options, then press 1 to record your Unavailable Message.

  • Follow the voice prompts to record your new message and push # when your recording is finished.

  • Dial 1 to accept the new recording, or dial 2 to listen to the new recording, or dial 3 to re-record your message.

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