You can control whether voicemail is enabled on your line, how long your phone will ring before diverting to voicemail, and how you will access your voicemail.

For information about accessing voicemail on your phone and changing your recorded greeting, click here.

If you make any changes to your voicemail configuration, remember to press the Save button afterwards or your changes will not be applied.

Enabled - When ticked, your voicemail greeting will play after the specified number of Seconds until diverted. If this is enabled but there is a Call Forward No Answer configured with a lower timeout than your voicemail timer, then calls would never be sent to your voicemail.

Seconds until diverted - The number of seconds once your phone starts ringing until the caller is sent to voicemail. 20 seconds is the default value, which is approximately six to seven rings.

Notification Email - The email address to send your voicemails to. Only has an effect if the Email only box is checked.

Email only (Don't store in voicemailbox) - When ticked, voicemails will be emailed to the Notification Email as an attachment, and will not be stored on your phone.

Voicemail PIN - For added security, you can optionally require a PIN to be entered when dialing your voicemail box. You can only access your voicemail box from other phone lines when a PIN is set.

Message Access Whitelist - One number per line. When dialing your voicemail box from any of these numbers, you will not need to enter a PIN if one is specified.

Call Waiting Enabled - When ticked, your phone can receive additional calls when you are already on a call. How your phone alerts you to a second call is dependent on the device; most devices will beep to let you know a second incoming call is ringing.

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