There are four types of call forwards you can use on SkyPhone. All of the call forward types can be set up to only apply at certain times of day using schedules.

It is important to note that all call forward rules will only be applied after any enabled Auto Attendant or Queues have been followed through. If the Auto Attendant is used and an option is selected to transfer the call to another line, call forwards on this line will have no effect. Similarly, if someone picks up a queue call before the queue timeout, these call forwards will have no effect.

The call forward types are as follows, and take precedence in the following order if multiple are configured:

  • Always - Every call that reaches this line will forward to the given number.

  • Busy - If you are on a call, and call waiting is not enabled on this line, this call forward takes effect.

  • No Answer - If your line is ringing but has not been answered after the specified number of seconds, this call forward takes effect. If the voicemail timer is shorter than the No Answer timer, the call will be passed to voicemail. 

  • Unreachable - If your line is not registered (e.g. your phone is disconnected from the network or your internet is offline), this call forward takes effect. 

To control the call forward settings, follow the instructions in the SkyPhone - Self Service Options article to reach the appropriate screen, and select Forwards from the side menu.

For a call forward to take effect, the Enabled checkbox must be ticked, and the time of day when the call forward is used must be within the selected schedule.

To quickly set up a forward to another line within your organisation, you can quick select one of their phone numbers from the dropdown next to the Number field.

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