On SkyPhone, both internal and external speed dials can be managed from the customer portal.

On SkyPhone Premium, the platform works differently. Vorco can assign your internal numbers to shortcut keys on your screen so that you can see other users' availability status, please get in touch with our support team if you'd like to make any changes to those Busy Lamp Field (BLF) lines.

Adding speed dial buttons to your Polycom phones for users outside your organisation can be done on the phone directly.

These steps should be taken while not on an active call.

  • Press the Home button to the right of the screen

  • Select Directories

  • Select Contact Directory

  • Press the New or Add button

  • Enter the contact's Name

  • Enter their phone number in the Contact field

  • Add a Favourite Index

  • Save

If a contact in your phone has a Favourite Index set, it will appear as a speed dial on your home screen. If you want to reorder your favourites, just change their index numbers as appropriate.

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