On SkyPhone, the default voicemail delivery behaviour is that voicemails will be emailed to you as an attachment, and not stored in the voicemail system accessible by dialling *55. This is because voicemail boxes are limited in size, so it prevents your voicemail box ever being full and not being able to save further messages.

For information on configuring your voicemail delivery settings, click here.

Some email systems will categorise short email messages with voicemail attachments as spam. If your voicemail messages are going to spam, the best thing to do is to add vm@skyphone.vorco.net to your safe senders list.

In Outlook, this can be done by right clicking an email from our Voicemail system, navigating to the Junk submenu, and selecting "Never Block Sender".

If your voicemail email has been sent to spam, the voicemail attachment may not be visible. Try moving the email back to your inbox if the attachment is missing and it should then appear.

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