Your UFB fibre will come into your premises and connect directly to the ONT (Optical Network Terminal), which you will then connect to your router.

If you are unsure on where it should go then feel free to get in touch with your Vorco account manager or our support team and we'll be able to talk through some suggestions. Here are some guidelines to get you started.

Your ONT and your router must have an Ethernet cable connecting them, so as a general rule your ONT should be installed close to where your router will be located.

Business Premises

In a business premises, you will normally have a network cabinet with structured cabling going back to that location. The ONT should be installed to or next to your network cabinet.


If your home has structured cabling, we'd suggest installing your ONT to your central networking cabinet.

If your home does not have structured cabling, it's often best to have your ONT installed to a fairly central location so that your WiFi from your router has the greatest reach in all directions.

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