Conference Bridging allows you to have a phone number which anyone can dial into to have a group call.

All participants must enter the preset PIN in order to be able to join the conference.

Set Up Conference Bridging

Get in touch with us via our Contact Us page for help with enabling a conference bridge on your line or with adding more channels to increase the number of simultaneous callers who can join the bridge.

Using Conference Bridging

Once a conference bridge is set up, there's no further preparation you need to take any time you want to use the conference bridge.

You will need to know the PIN for your conference bridge before you can participate in one. If you do not know yours, please Contact Us and we can help.

To use the conference bridge:

  • Call your conference bridge number.

  • Enter the conference PIN, followed by '#'.

  • At the beep, record your name, then press '#'.

If you are the first person to join the conference bridge, you will hear hold music until another person calls in. If there is already someone in the conference bridge, you will be connected and can start talking to each other.

Once you're done with the conference call, just hang up.

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