This article should be read in conjunction with your Vorco Master Services Agreement (version 1.8 and above).

Each group of Vorco service plans has a related Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Information about the SLAs on our services and how to interpret and use them are available here and may be updated from time to time as we launch new services and retire old services.


Support Hours
The hours during which the support SLA applies.

Support Response SLA
How fast we'll respond to your support request, during the Support Hours.

Truckroll Hours
The hours during which Vorco or its contractors are available to work on repairing a fault.

Truckroll SLA
How fast Vorco or its contractors will be on-site to start on fault repair, during the Truckroll Hours. This time begins once Vorco determines that a truckroll is required.

Truckroll Breach Credit
If Vorco or its contractors miss the truckroll SLA, you may request we credit you a day's service for each day the service is down, rounded up to the nearest day. Credits cannot exceed an entire month's charges.


If the SLA on an individual service does not meet your business requirements, ask us about options for redundant connectivity. Your options for redundancy vary based on your physical location so need to be investigated on a case by case basis.

Service Level Agreements

Our SLAs are detailed in a PDF linked below. If you have any queries about your SLAs please Contact Us.


Vorco Service Level Agreements (May 2020)


Vorco Service Level Agreements (November 2019)

Managed IT Support Service Level Commitments

Our Service Level Commitments for our Managed IT Support Services are linked below. If you have any queries about these please Contact Us.

Vorco Managed IT Support Service Level Commitments (since November 2019)

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