Nuisance Calls

Nuisance calls are calls that don't involve a criminal element, that is they are nothing more than annoying. Examples of nuisance calls are calls coming from an auto dialler, faulty equipment and children playing with phones.

Abusive Calls

Abusive calls are calls where someone is stalking, harassing, abusing or threatening you. Abuse can include non-verbal calls for example a person who continuously calls and breathes down the phone without saying anything.

Actions to Take

Note down the date and time of the call or calls, and the caller ID if there is one. We need this in order to locate the exact calls in our logs so that we can take further action. The more accurate the date and time is the better, as we need to search through very large amounts of logs.

For all nuisance or abusive calls, lodge a support request with us advising the date, time and caller ID if available, and if you have multiple phone numbers with us, which phone number you received the call on.

For abusive calls, it may also be suitable to report these to the Police by calling 105 if the nature of the abuse does not require an immediate response, or call 111 if the nature of the abuse requires an immediate response, or there is a direct threat to personal safety.

What we will do

If the caller is not restricting their caller ID then we can block their number from being able to call your line.

If the caller is restricting their number, then we have to file a complaint with the provider where the calls are coming from. We can't force the other provider to act, but most providers within New Zealand will act on our complaint promptly. For privacy reasons we will not share information about the originator with you, but we will comply with any legal order.

You can either get in touch with your account manager, or contact us for further assistance.

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