Calling for Teams Initial Setup - Step 1
Granting Vorco access to your Microsoft 365 Tenant
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For the full list of steps for setting up Vorco Calling for Teams, click here.

There are two types of access required for the provisioning and ongoing maintenance of your Calling for Teams service:

  1. Delegated Admin also known as GDAP. This is so we can provision the service initially and provide technical assistance and ongoing provisioning.

  2. Azure AD App Approval for our reporting application. This retrieves user/license info daily and is how we bill you for active users. It does not access call data, just usernames where they have Teams Phone System or Teams Virtual User licensing.

Delegated Admin

Complete the appropriate step for where your Microsoft 365 tenant is registered, then continue to the Azure AD App Approval steps below.

For your own protection, we also recommend that you enable the Admin Audit Log so that all admin actions are recorded. Here's how to do that:

For New Zealand registered Microsoft 365 tenants:

The first link invites us as a Microsoft partner in your tenant.

After you have done this, we will generate a GDAP request which grants us the ability to setup and configure Teams Direct Routing for you which enables your users to make/receive phone calls via Vorco. This will come via email and needs to be accepted by your Microsoft 365 Global Administrator.

Note: This will only work for New Zealand registered Microsoft 365 tenants.

For foreign (non-NZ) Microsoft 365 tenants:

If your Microsoft 365 tenant is registered outside New Zealand, then you won't be able to grant us GDAP access. We can still provide you with Calling for Teams; the setup process will require you or your IT team to create a Global Admin account for us instead.

Azure AD App Approval

Our billing system connects to your Microsoft 365 tenant using an Azure AD app so we can retrieve user and license data to keep your billing up to date automatically.

A Global Administrator on your Microsoft 365 needs to replace {tenant-id} with one of your domain names (e.g. and then grant Admin Consent:{tenant-id}/adminconsent?client_id=3987b169-dbb3-4832-b30c-07fd69e242c4

You should see a screen like this:

Post-Setup Requirements

After initial setup is complete, the Delegated Admin (DAP/GDAP) access is not required for the service to work. However, you should be aware that removing our Delegated Admin access will introduce some limitations to our ongoing support and maintenance capabilities:

  • The limit of our support scope on the Teams side will be if our SIP SBC's send a SIP OPTIONS ping to Microsoft Teams and it replies, then the service is working, and our assistance ends.

  • If you add/remove users, we will be unable to assign/unassign phone numbers for you and you will need to manage this yourself.

  • We will be unable to assist with configuring call flows including auto attendants and call queues, you would need to manage this yourself.

  • If you have any calling faults like can't call a number, call drops, call quality issues, the only data we will be able to see is on our own network. This means we will only be able to help where we can clearly identify an issue within our network.

We do not advise that customers remove our Delegated Admin access unless they have suitably skilled Teams Phone System capability available to provide support.

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