For the full list of steps for setting up Vorco Calling for Teams, click here.

Which licenses you need

  • If you have Business Basic, Business, Business Premium, E1 or E3 licenses:
    Your users need the Microsoft Teams Phone Standard add-on.
    Historically these were called "Microsoft 365 Phone System" or "Phone System", if you had previously used those addons, they may still appear as the old names.

  • If you have E5 licenses:
    No add-ons are required; E5 includes the Phone System feature.

  • If you want a device-only license not tied to a user e.g. for a standalone phone:
    Purchase a Microsoft Teams Essentials license plus the Microsoft Teams Phone Standard addon license.

All tenants regardless of base license/addon type should also add 5 of the free Microsoft Teams Phone Resource Account licenses. These are used in setting up inbound call flows.

All the users who will be using Calling for Teams must have one of the license options listed above.

Important: In addition to all your users being licensed, to complete the setup we require two spare base licenses (e.g., Business Basic) plus two spare addons (i.e. Microsoft Teams Phone Standard) which can be removed once the setup is complete.

How to get licenses

  • If you're a retail customer (credit card billing direct with Microsoft):
    Go to and sign in.
    Go to Billing > Purchase Services > Add-ons (right down the bottom of the page).

  • If you're a CSP customer (your IT company bills you):
    Ask them to add "Microsoft Teams Phone Standard" add-on licenses to your account.

  • If you have an enterprise licensing agreement:
    You should contact whoever manages this for you.

  • If you don't have one of these in place already, or you want Vorco to supply you instead:
    We can provide you with licensing through the CSP programme.
    Contact your account manager to arrange this.

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