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Vorco Calling for Teams - Call Recording
Vorco Calling for Teams - Call Recording
Service specifications for Call Recording for Teams
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Vorco offers Call Recording for Microsoft Teams calling for your retrieval and compliance purposes. No additional Microsoft licensing is required to enable Vorco Call Recording.

Calls can be recorded and stored by Vorco for either 7 days or 90 days. Recordings are typically available in less than 5 minutes from when the call was completed.

Accessing Recordings

Call Recordings can be accessed via the Vorco Customer Portal. API access and webhooks are available for custom CRM integrations. An example powershell script for retrieving and storing recordings and CDRs via APIs can be found here.

Service Specifications

In order to ensure your recording needs are met, it's important to understand how Vorco Call Recording works.

Vorco Call Recording captures 1-to-1 calls with external phone numbers but not N-way conferences, including when the conference contains only two participants; Microsoft provides a recording mechanism for N-way meetings which may be configured by your IT administrator.

Vorco Call Recording is managed solely by Vorco and is not related to the AllowCloudRecordingForCalls attribute accessible in the Microsoft Teams Powershell module.

Vorco Call Recording can be used for regulatory compliance purposes when you must capture all 1-to-1 calls with customers. Although it does not include PCI compliance, in most cases there are ways to update your processes so that would not be required.

Vorco Call Recording records all calls between the PSTN and your Teams users, including resource users. Due to technical limitations it cannot be enabled selectively for only some users.

Contact us to discuss your recording requirements and we'll help to find the right fit for you.

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